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                    Perform and Compose Harmonious Music

In these colored harmony charts, the 7 Modal Scales of a key are each assigned a color at their bass note, forming a Spectrum as the Modes relate through the Circle of 5ths, and these 7 Scales are interwoven upon a singular chart for each key signature.

Each color recalls the Mode and Mood we will create when such note is our Bass-Note. You are likely to agree that these colors appropriately describe the modal sound. The system's Modulation Tool shows several spectra including some exotic modes fitting together in an unseen form tracked as if with a map.

These charts bring enjoyment to guitar and keyboard practice: no missed notes, often making masterworks.

Then harmony is revealed to make elaborate sense as twelve characterized locations, each favoring certain modes; these we compare to solar-system objects.

For Guitar or Keyboard, utilize the 576 modal spectrum charts,
Use drop-down menus in Modal-Surf™ to build jam tracks,
And the Modulation Tool for innovative song creations!
Easily get into hours of jamming exploring harmony.


The Future of Harmonic Exploration

The Modary System of Harmony gets its name by having 119 Modes
joined as relatives within 17 Spectrums which are two-dimensional;
these are further connected in a third dimension that finally explains
why harmony functions as it does. The outcome is the appearance
of 12 Lomalities (from LOM, Location of Modes), which each always
hold their own inclination towards certain modes. However, these 12
are joined in a chromatic circle that can modulate between various
bass-notes. It seems like it's rolling atop the chromatic dimension
where notes are played, and it has all the modes in a Mode-Roll.

Pic So this system is also called the Pic


Harmony & Composition Skills

The Mode-Roll website provides tools to explore and practice harmony on guitar or keyboards. If you need guidance on harmony or technique on your instrument, we have a few highly experienced mentors for online live instruction. A free membership to Mode-Roll is included for as long as you're enrolled in lessons. Pic


Master Harmony on Keyboards

It's great to be a master of harmony on keyboards; you get to control the bass, the melody, and the chords all at the same time. Plus it's the easiest instrument with which to visualize the shapes of the harmonic forms. It's best to know keyboards in addition to your other instrument or voice. Video overview coming soon. Pic


Jam to Songs & Tracks

The songs chosen have room for constant lead guitar improvisation. Easily get in hours of technique & speed enhancement... while gaining mastery over the uses of harmony in composition and improvisation. You can chart many more yourself; we'll show you how. Pic


Create Innovative Songs

Harmony contains a vast ocean of possibilities. You will be able to navigate through the modal dimensions by having the unexpected pathways of harmony revealed with the Modary System's harmony map. Easily create unique songs with the Modal-Surf online tool.  Pic



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Music Harmony

    Modary System™ of Harmony in this Interactive Website


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